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"Laughter IS the best medicine!"

Dr. Jennie, Dr. Kim, & Dr. Reena


Welcome, net widows! Have you lost your man to the discovery of the wonderful world of the internet? Has he been sucked in and can't get out?

Due to the growing demand, we have formed IWA. Now there is help available! You are no longer alone! There are answers, and solutions, in even the worst case scenario's!!

Below you will find a list of sign's that would indicate you may be a likely canidate for IWA. Read over them carefully. Assess your man's level of net addiction. Evaluate your situation, then execute the plan best suited for your circumstances.

Time to take "The Test", check all that apply!!


Do you feel neglected? Ignored? And often Overlooked? (always, sometime, or only when there is a computer in the room?)

Have you ever thought of ways to blow up the computer? (without doing any jail time?)

When your man comes home from work, does he say "Hi honey, I'm home?" Or "Did I get any e-mail today?"

Does he ever say "Oh Baby" to the computer? If so, does he say it more to the computer or more to you?

Do you have to manually turn his head just to speak to him, when he is on the computer? If so, does he really hear you and answer? Or does he just mumble?

If he was surfing the net, and you were on fire, would he notice you?

Have you been singing that song "You don't bring me flowers anymore?" If you get Virtual Bouquet's in your e-mail on a regular basis, your not doing too badly!

Has food become an interruption? Or an option to him? If so, do you have to do the airplane thing to get him to eat it?

If the computer has a virus, and you have a virus at the same time: Do you get your nightime sniffly-sneezy-ache all over your body medicine before or after the computer gets the disk doctor?

Does he smoke after he turns the computer off?

is on the way!!... Yes, there is life after Plan "C"!!

IT'S IN THE WORKS...Plan "D". This Plan is still in the early stages of development. Our researchers are working around the clock, gathering data and putting together a fool-proof plan. Plan "D" is for the men in critical condition, with possible "Chronic Internet Addiction Disorder" (CIAD). We refer to this stage as "Desparate!" {Chronic Internet Addiction Disorder}. We will complete Plan "D" as soon as possible, so hang in there!! Yes, there is still a chance that you yourself will be able to regain the quaility of your life, learning to live, and making the best of a possible Chronic, lifelong, never ending, unyielding Disorder, that your significant other is afflicted by....Whew!! Isn't that encouraging?!?!?

Does this picture resemble anybody you know?

COMING SOON....The war story page!

Submit your war stories to the e-mail below, they will be published soon!

Evaluating & Classifying
How To Pick The Plan Best suited for you

Before you continue, you need to figure out which Plan you are going to use. Or at least where you are going to start!! After reading the above signs, you need to count how many signs actually apply to your situation. The total score will direct you to the recommend Plan.

Score 1-3 signs = Plan A
Score 4-6 signs = Plan B
Score 7-8 signs = Plan C

Score 8 & up = Go directly to Plan "D"....still in the works!!

The Novice...
The Intermediate...
The Advanced...
The Desparate...

Plan "D" is for the man that may have Chronic Internet Addiction Disorder. It's in the work's.

Until then, do this to releive tension & stress!

Comments and suggestion's are welcome. I am sure there are some good stories out there!! Write to:

Dr. Jennie, Dr. Kim, & Dr. Reena

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"Disclaimer" IWA will not be held liable for any injuries, domestic dispute's of any kind, or damages to property (esp. computer equipment!) resulting from this page. We aren't medical Doctors. We are Internet Widow Doctors...(we only presribe suggestions).

The "Do Not" Page is required reading for all of those who intend to use any of the "IWA" strategies!!

This page will be on a regular basis, due to changing internet technology.

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