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If you have made it all the way to Plan "C", then it's all out war! But remember to read the DO NOT PAGE first!! And at all times, go by the rules!! And we are giving you plenty of time to review that page, since Plan "C" is in the works. Until then don't worry, be happy :) !!! Or at least pretend !!!

Now that you have the do not's memorized, there is one more important document that requires close attention, because it will really help you decide whether your significant other is truly in the Advanced stages of Internet Addiction. The IDM-I is a manual that describes the symtoms of Internet disorders, please read this page, then decide if Plan "C" is really nesessary.

IDM-I...Criteria for Internet Disorders / "AIAD"

#1)Persistence and dedication are the keywords in Plan"C". You must be willing to go the distance, because if this doesn't work...nothing will. (Except Plan "D", and you really don't want to go there.) So prepare to compromise, bargain, and find some middle-ground positions that are acceptable to both you and your significant other. Very important memo...Win-lose power struggles cause serious side effects, that are very counter productive, and you will lose!!(and we can't have that!) Avoid doing the following:
Giving ultimatiums...very bad idea. The either-or threat releases a chemical in the brain, causing that stubborn male thing to kick in!! Then you can just forget about getting anything accomplished!!
Don't attempt to make him see it your way.(the way you see it) If you try and force him into seeing it the way you do, then you are forgetting the laws of nature...MEN & WOMEN DON'T THINK THE SAME!! You have to think like a man (I know, it hurts your head!). You have to think like they think, then present your case in a manner they can relate to. Example: The way you see it "He is so sucked in to the computer he wouldn't notice if I moved out, married his brother, joined a convent,or replaced myself with a maniqin!" The way you should communicate that thought to him - "Sweetheart, you work so hard on that computer, I am impressed with your work, it's incredible, but could you cut back a little and spend some time with me, I miss you." This takes the edge off, and instills a little guilt. (just a little!! We wouldn't want to over do it.)
Don't withdraw, the silent treatment will only make matters worse. It's understandable that you may be tempted to completely ignore him, that revenge spite thing. (It's that female thing, denail is useless!) But he will interpert this as a power play on your part, it's that win-lose power thing again. It will back fire, because that special male chemical will over take his brain, and all will be lost! So no matter how bad you would like to ignore him, make yourself be nice! OK?
Don't overintellectualize the situation when you are talking to him, men have a special term for that, "psycho babble". And they are equipped with a built in defense system, which automatically activates after the second sentence comes out of your mouth, when this happens everything you say after that sounds like this... blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and blah. So to bypass this defense system, keep it simple, and don't say things like "it must be because of your suppressed emotions, from a authority-obedience complex brought on by some dysfunctional attitude, maybe some biological ramifcations brought on by possible psychological vulnerability, thus causing problems in interpersonal relationships, or maybe it was his mothers fault!!!" DON"T HIT HIM WITH THIS STUFF!! Avoid it at all cost's!

Ok!!! Everybody got those important rules memorized????? Good!!! Onward and forward...... Now we need to get down to business :)....... The following suggestions will take a lot of time and energy, so pick your battle plans, and remember...if you lose one or two battles, it's no big's the war your out to win!!! Below there are a few battle plans you can pick from.... ~~~no ad libing outside the "Do Not Page"!!~~~

More of our Battle Plans will be released on 6/1/97...They are being reveiwed for this rated "G" site!

Timing is everything when it comes to this one! In order to make this one work, you must be ready when he walks in the door, and get his attention before the computer does!! First you need to cover up the computer, then unplug the phone. This gives you time to tell him you have a surprize just for him :) From this point on you have to become the creative person, for example...Cook a very romantic candle light dinner and ask him to sit at the table with you (not in front of the T.V. ~ cover that up too!) Put on some soft music to start with, and keep his wine glass full. Not that you are trying to get him drunk or anything of that nature (but it does help). After dinner is done, show him how well you can table dance, with little to nothing on in the attire department, and the amazing balance you have in those heels! :):) Look below for a general illistration(the rated "G" version)...

There is always the option of planning a surprize vaction, a gift to him of course! Tell him that you have been planning it for a long time, and you would be deeply disappointed if he doesn't except your gift, given with much love (just a little guilt tactic, but very sincere). When packing be sure to check his luggage for any computer parafnaila, and no lap tops, no computer magnizine's, nothing! After arriving at your destination remember to continuosly steer him clear of any computers. Make this vaction eventful, stress-free, and very memorible (it's that creative thing again). If all this comes together, he may begin to remember who you are, and how wonderful the outside world really is. Important note: if he says he is going to go check out the local library, tell him "sounds intresting, I'll go to".... Why? Because most libararies have internet access. Good Luck, and we hope the vaction plan works for you.

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