Plan "B" Page

Plan "B" is for the intermediate men. This means they are not novices anymore, thus making Plan "B" a little more complicated. And of course you have to take into consideration the "sneaky factor", you must be careful so he does not detect any foul play.

#1. At the intermediate stage of internet addication your man has a higher level of understanding, therefore the "sneaky factor" is very important! The first step is to go the Modem setup box, find the Modem speed options. If you have a 28.8 modem, set the modem speed at 14.4. This will slow your modem to a near stand still ... major set back!!! :) So if he is used to the speed of a 28.8, the 14.4 speed will drive him batty. At this point, patience it not one of his virtues. And he is going to think that his browser is going very slowly. Maybe due to excess net traffic? Sure, that sounds good!! And this tatic will take quite awhile for him to figure out, if he ever does. This gives you plenty of time to talk to him while the server is slowly downloading. This is a good time to suggest other activities until the internet traffic slows down. Once again, be creative!

#2. If you are just trying to temporarly discourage him from getting sucked in, say for the night or the day, this one works for about that long. Go to the Modem setup box. Find the phone number that he has chosen for the modem to dial...change it!! He will think the number is temporarly experiencing technical difficulties, and will be back up later. This gives you time to plan a day of fun, or night out. But act fast, after he discovers the numbers out, so he won't start to investagate.

#3. Then there is the option of interrupting his internet surfing by reconfiguring the browser setup box. Go to the browser's option and look through the different options. There are many! Change every option you can find. This will cause a major distrubance! And when he goes to log on, he will think that his browser, or whatever program he is using, has completely gone haywire, and reprogrammed itself by some horrible mess up! Of course, this will be the program's malfuntion! Nothing else would make sense! Reprogramming will take a considerable amount of time and effort, with much "frustration." Once again this is the time to suggest he deal with it later (since it's such a huge task!).

Is this happening at your house, after implimenting "Plan B"?

If so, your starting to get to him! Keep the good work up!

If you have to push this button, it means that things are VERY BAD!!! Good Luck!!

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