Plan "A" Page

Plan "A" is for the Novice, this means that your man is still at the beginning stages of internet addication. Thus his knowledge is still limted to the basic's:) And this is a good thing. There are a few things you can do to deter his addictive internet habits, and at the same time you will be helping him modify his behavior. Frustration is the key word. When your man is gone, there are some steps you need to take in order to make Plan "A" work.

#1. The magic of screen savers. They serve for more than one purpose. Go to your screen savers and set the timing for the screen saver to go on every 5 minutes. Most screen savers will disconnect Netscape when they activate ::::bummer huh?::::: So when your man is surfing along the internet(and ignoring you), Wham! He suddenly gets disconnected every 5 minutes. He will then investigate the problem. During this time of sheer frustration, you could do a number of things...maybe suggest that he work on it later because it's most likely the server having problems. Then you could suggest that you two should do something while the server is down, like go out and eat, or watch a movie together, or any number of things. Use your imagination. The ball is in your court now (so make it good!).

#2. If the screen saver ploy doesn't work, or he figures it out, there are other ways! :) Do you have call waiting on your phone? If so, you can enable it to break through by simply going to the dialing setup box and remove the X in the "disable call waiting option"! :::bummer again!!::: This will work for only a short time, because he will eventually figure out that the call waiting is the problem. But when the calls come through, talk to the person who has called for as long as possible, making the call seem important. This is very frustrating to him! Key word = "frustration."

#3. If the first two fail, or he figures them out, there is always the modem trick. Simply unplug it!! But make sure it still looks plugged in. Just barely remove it from the socket. Normally the cords and plugs are all hidden and mixed up together. This always makes it difficult to find what's not connected. He will most likely have to get behind the computer desk and fumble around, tripping over things, trying to figure out what goes to what. Most likely, profanity will enter the picture, and of course other frustrating behavoirs! It's that frustration thing again! :) It is a real deterrant!

IMPORTANT...if PLAN "A" does not work, DO NOT give up!!! Go straight to PLAN "B"!! If Plan "A" failed, it means that he is not a novice, or he is a fast learner. But not to worry, we have our ways! Continue on! Don't ever give up!

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