Having Fun!
If a picture is worth a thousand words ... !
"It's not a Wing, dear!"

Caught on a Harley! Argh! But it was for a fund raiser for the local high school! Jennie and I are pleased to help ABATE support our high school students! The proud owner of the Harley shined it and put it in the shopping mall for the photo shoot! For $5.00 he would take your picture! All the proceeds went to the kids!

"Ice is still on the roads!"

My son (Chris) and I traveled to Kenai on a bright and chilly day! Needed an extra layer of clothing, but it was fun!

"Josh and Sarah!"

Here are two of the greatest kids in the world! Love 'em both!


My son, Chris! Just voted in as Student Body President at his school (Cook Inlet Academy)! He is going to have a great Senior year in High School!

"Dad's Pride and Joy!"

Ginni has become quite the world traveler and has a heart for missions! She just finished her Freshman year at Cook Inlet Academy, and now knows everything!

"Potentate's Ball - Anchorage, 1997!"

Jennie and I clean up fairly well, agreed?!