********AND ON THE EIGHTH DAY********

It was on the eighth day, and God was tired.

He felt good about his newest creation, but there was unfinished business.

He called two of his angels over, Michael and Lucifer, and they looked down on the blue and green ball. Lucifer spoke first: "Great job Boss!! Fantastic!! Heh heh!! Absolutely first rate!! Nobody can do it like you can, Boss. You're the greatest!!".

God said, "Uh...thanks Lucifer, but take a deep breath now and calm down. I've got some fine tuning to do here. I think I'm going to make...a Police."

"A what?" said Michael. "A Police. And you should remember that word, Michael. A Police." said God. "Everything that I have done in the last few days looks beautiful and everything is humming along right now, but those creatures I made, my favorites, the ones who look like me---"

"Yeah boss! They are a piece of work!! They're beautiful, all 10's!!" panted Lucifer. "You really outdid yourself with them, Boss, absolute genius, heh heh!"

"---and they're going to mess things up pretty quickly...trust me," God finished.

"Trust you?? Hah hah! That's a good one Boss! Hah hah!!" shouted Lucifer. "Hey Boss, if we can't trust you, who can we---"

"LUCIFER!!! How can you go polish your harp?" said an annoyed Michael, who looked at God and said, "So, Lord, where is the mess going to come from?"

"From within them, my look-alikes, my favorites," God said. "When I created them, I made them free. They can choose good or evil, therein lies the rub. That's where the mess will come from...their freedom. Some will choose good, and some will choose evil. Simple as that. So that's why I'm about to make a Police."

"Hey Boss," whined Lucifer, "I never saw anything that you can't handle...I mean, you're the Boss, right??" What you say goes, right boss?? And I'm a 100% with you, I'm your guy, I'm behind you all the way...Heh heh!! I'll get your robes washed, tune your harp---"

"LUCIFER!! PLEASE!!" yelled God. "Take a hike!! Do something!! Go somewhere!! I want to talk to Michael alone. So get in the wind. And do it NOW!"

Lucifer, cut out of the action, moped away, and Michael muttered under his breath, "try to keep busy LuLu, like they say: an idle mind is the---"

"Come on Michael, we have work to do here," said God.

"Sorry Lord, but that mouth-breather really drives me nuts!"

"Forget about it," sighed God. "He's a charter member of the KYA Club. Now,---let's get down to business here...I'm going to make a Police, and I should explain this to you. This contest between good and evil is going to turn into a battle, Mike, and it's going to get real serious. It's going to last until the end of time. Before you can flutter your mighty wings, you are going to see them doing everything from killing each other, to parking in tow zones. Some of it will be minor, and some of it will be so serious, that it will upset even me. This is where the Police come in. They'll be my stand-ins in this Eternal Fight. You got that Mike? In the most serious moments in the fight down there, they'll be my stand-ins. They will represent my intense desire for peace, justice, order, and they will work to make it happen. They're going to be in every land on the Blue and Green ball, and they're going to be humans, but they're going to have to be built a little differently than the regular model."

"Yes Sir, I am starting to see that," said the Archangel.

"Here's what I am thinking of, Mike, jump right in if you have any ideas," said the Creator. "First of all, I'm going to make about one Police out of every 10,000 regular models. Then I'll put a sense of outrage in them...I want them to be outraged by bullies and bad guys, I want them to hate evil. I want them to spot evil, to be able to see evil, when everyone else misses it."

"Special eyes, Lord?" asked Michael.

"Yes, and they'll be tied into the soul and the brain. They'll end up calling it 'street smarts' or 'instincts' or 'sixth sense', or something along those lines, but it will come from me. It will come from their hatred of things that are evil and unfair," said God.

"...sounds good...what else?" said Michael, getting more interested.

"I'm going to put an "L" spot on each one of them," said the laughing Creator. "A Laugh Spot. They'll have the grace of being able to look in the face of the Devil, and laugh at him. The very best of them will even spit in his face. I'm going to program so there's only two things they won't laugh at: the death of one of their own, and anything involving a child. Everything else is fair game for Police Humor. It's the most healthy way of coping with constant exposure to evil and pain."

"Lord, you used a word that I am not familiar with...Devil...what's that?" asked the Angel.

"Forget about it. You'll know him when you see him. Now, about their souls. This is the tough part, Michael, but it will be fun. They'll be unappreciated most of the time by the people who they protect in my name, they'll become sacrificial lambs to politicians and governments, and their own organizations will be more stressful to them than the battle between good and evil, and they will get blamed for even more things than I am!! Sometimes, it will be like a three-ring circus, but every once in a while, it will be as serious as death itself, Michael. Sometimes, they will die in the fight. The ones who choose evil will kill some of them, my friend, some of them will die."

"My GOD!!!! Your own stand-ins?" said the Angel.

"Yes...sorry, I feel so strongly about this I got carried away...Their souls will have to be a combination of steel and elastic, and they'll have to have very deep souls, with nooks and crannies that only I can read, and no one else. They won't expect medals and promotions and raises for every substantial thing they do, and they will have to know that. I will see every sacred, generous, heroic thing that they do, things that no one else will know about. They'll invent some management-type phrase for this, something like 'highly developed internal motivation', but this one comes right from Me. And as much as the powers of Earth will be corrosive and abrasive to the soul of the police, no power on earth will be able to destroy the Police soul."

"How's that, Lord?" asked Michael.

"Because it's mine, Michael!" shouted the Lord. "Now listen to me! You yourself have a great fight coming into your life very shortly, and you don't even see it coming...and you will be my stand-in!! You will represent me in this fight. And that is exactly what I will ask of them from the moment they become Police...to represent me in the battle."

Michael had never seen the Creator this passionate or rambling before; it was very impressive but a little scary.

"Even after 30 years on THE JOB, as they will end up calling it, after thirty or forty years of representing me, they will belong to me more than ever, sometimes they will go off THE JOB with more holes in them than they had starting out. They'll get scars on their bodies and souls because they never seem to give up, they never drop out of the fight, they'll get worn out and even sacrificed by violence and public pressure, but they will work for peace, justice, and order. They're doing my work, Michael, MY WORK, can you understand that? Oh how I LOVE them!! They are my own, in a very special way. I love them so much...I could just...I could..."

"Lord??...what's that running down your cheek, Lord?" asked Michael.

Author Unknown, or is he?