#1. Why me?

#2. How do I get his attention?

#3. Is there a safe way to disable the computer?

#4. Can a wife be charged with destruction of property, if it is her own property?

#5. What if Plan "A" , "B", and "C" doesn't work?

Rub on this Ginnie bottle, make three wishes, remember...you only have one wish (you only get three wishes on TV!), so wish wisely!!

#6. What if I get sucked into the internet, while executing "IWA's" stratigies? (it could happen!!)

#7. What if my significant other changes the password on the computer, and refuses to reveal the new password? Due to uncalled for suspicions that someone is messing with his computer (like the setup box, modem,etc....)?

Tell him he is looking, and sounding pretty paranoid, maybe you should suggest that he seek professional help.